We are Annotell

Our mission is to provide the world's leading autonomous vehicle data platform that empowers engineers on a daily basis to accelerate the development of safe perception for autonomous vehicles.

Founded with the engineer in mind

Annotell was founded in 2018 by Oscar Petersson and Daniel Langkilde, two engineering physicists working in the field of Deep Learning. They were frustrated that it was too hard to acquire reliable and high-quality training data, a need which Annotell was formed to solve.

We now support world-leading companies in the field of Autonomous Driving, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems and Active Safety development worldwide.

Annotell is a multinational company with its headquarter in Gothenburg, the automotive epicenter of Sweden, and a development office in Munich.

Our office in Lindholmen, Gothenburg

Gothenburg HQ

Lindholmspiren 7

417 56 Göteborg, Sverige

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Our Munich office

Munich Office

Riesstraße 16

80992 München, Germany

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Meet Annotell

The heart of Annotell, meet our experienced team of experts that will assist you and your business.