A new alliance to accelerate AI in the Nordics

The Nordic AI Alliance is made up by leading Nordic companies, all working with AI, and create stronger collaboration structures between the Nordic countries. The members of the Nordic AI Alliance pledge to help facilitate this acceleration, by helping other companies and organizations in the Nordic countries come in contact with the best expertise to help them throughout their AI journey.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and is being put at the core of change by organizations and countries around the world at an increasing pace.

The Nordic countries have strong regional values ensuring that everyone in society benefits from advancement in technology and research.

To remain competitive the Nordic Countries need to increase the pace at which they adopt AI technology at the core of business and infrastructure.

The challenges of AI

AI offers a cognitive increase in any organization’s capability to make predictions, support systems, automation and computer vision systems related to their products and services. To adopt AI as a change driver and become ‘AI First’ is challenging. The members of the Nordic AI Alliance are leaders in each of the seven areas of this journey:

01/ Basic knowledge & understanding of AI
02/ Becoming a data driven organization
03/ Mastery of data
04/ AI Expertise
05/ AI tooling suited for business
06/ Organizational evolution
07/ Designing and building AI products & services

Alliance members

Many of the Nordic Alliance Members have an international presence with several offices worldwide. The location listed below is the HQ.

Annotell - Gothenburg,  Sweden
Sana Labs - Stockholm, Sweden
Silo.AI - Helsinki, Finland
Fourkind - Helsinki, Finland
Iris.ai - Oslo, Norway
Speechgrinder - Helsinki, Finland
Peltarion - Stockholm, Sweden
Modulai - Stockholm, Sweden
Mapillary - Malmö, Sweden
Reaktor - Helsinki, Finland
Doberman - Stockholm, Sweden
Avaus - Stockholm, Sweden

“AI has huge potential to create tremendous business value, but the value chain of AI is complex, and it can be hard to unlock the value within the organization. No organization will succeed if they try to master all parts of the value chain themselves. It’s essential that we have initiatives like the Nordic AI Alliance that will bring together those with enough courage to seek advice and collaborate with the vast amount of experts we have around us here in the Nordics.”
-Oscar Petersson, co-founder & CEO, Annotell

For more information: contact@annotell.com or info@nordicaialliance.com


Oscar Petersson