Annotell is proud to be co-founder of the national center "AI Innovation of Sweden"

Artificial intelligence has the potential to solve many complex challenges faced across industries. In order to derive significant benefit of AI, Annotell has collaborated with a broad spectrum of stakeholders in Sweden to create ‘AI Innovation of Sweden’. This platform will act as a national centre for AI related research, education and innovation that flourishes Swedish industries.

“Sweden should be the best in the world at using the opportunities presented by digitalisation. AI Innovation of Sweden is an important part of making this a reality,”
Anders Ygeman, the Swedish Minister for Energy and Digitalisation

About 40 stakeholders from industry, the public sector and academia have joined as Founding partners to establish AI Innovation of Sweden. Annotell will contribute to this initiative through practical application of its extensive knowledge and expertise of training data for safety critical ML and AI applications.

“This arena will only succeed if the companies involved find ways to collaborate closely. Swedish companies need to be smarter, not more well funded than our global competitors. This requires tying together the Wallenberg WASP program, the Chalmers AI Research effort CHAIR, AIIOS and other initiatives.”
Daniel Langkilde, Co-founder & CPO at Annotell

Annotell’s unique platform for AI and ML training data makes us a valuable partner to this initiative. Annotell specialises in producing large amount of high quality and reliable training data. We focus on consistent interpretation of training data that results in safer technology.

“Sweden is in a great position to stand for quality in machine learning. Safety and reliability is in our DNA, and we strongly believe a safe future requires reliable data.”
Oscar Petersson Co-founder & CEO at Annotell.


Read more at the AI Innovation of Sweden website

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Oscar Petersson