a platform for creating high quality training data


To ensure a safe future through reliable data.

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A safe future requires reliable data.


Reliable data requires human agreement.


The annotell platform


Why are we needed?

The bottleneck for most machine learning teams is lack of consistent training data. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning applied correctly can create tremendous of value. However, many machine learning teams are constrained by their lack of consistent training data.

The hardest part of creating consistent training data is getting people to agree at scale. As machine learning systems are programmed through their training data, the training data determines the behaviour of your product.

The Annotell Platform helps you agree at scale through team-oriented workflows. Using intuitive collaboration tools we communicate the desired outcome to the annotation team.


Once you agree on what you want, you need a lot of it.

Our Annotation Engine supports the process and makes it possible to create large amounts of consistent annotations in a cost efficient way. Our engine reduces the time wasted on reviewing and correcting bad annotations.

Annotell helps your team:

  • Define the expected outcome of your annotation projects and agree at scale

  • Produce huge amounts of annotations consistent with your expected outcome

  • Reduce time spent throughout the process