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Safety-critical perception systems put high requirements on data quality and consistency. Our annotation tools are developed to ensure these requirements can be met while keeping the cost down processing vast amounts of data.

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Supercharge your annotations

Available as a turn-key solution, or licensed platform

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Leverages automation

The Annotell labeling platform utilizes the highest level of machine-assisted labeling and is constantly pushing new boundaries of automation techniques.

Ensures quality

The Annotell annotation engine ensures that labeling tasks are distributed optimally to thousands of annotators for the quality assurance of data.

Did you know?

Annotation automation is highly use case dependent and is impacted by everything from sensor type to quality requirements. We at Annotell guide you in how you can get the most leverage for your use case.

Annotate all your automotive data under one roof

Annotation tooling for all AD/ADAS use-cases

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LiDAR & Sensor fusion

When annotating data for sensor fusion setups such as a lidar-camera combination, the right tooling is key and can dramatically bring down the cost.

Annotate objects in the 3D space with bounding boxes and automatically project these to the corresponding 2D space if desired.

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Classifies every point in a point-cloud with a specific class. Either semantic segmentation (objects of the same class share the same label) or Instance segmentation (every object has a unique label).

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Image / Video

Support for an extensive combination of tooling for annotating 2D image and video data.

Annotate objects in an image with 2d Bounding boxes.

Annotate objects in an image with 2D cuboids to get more detailed orientation information about objects.

Annotate every pixel in an image with either semantic segmentation or instance segmentation.

2D Lines and splines to annotate e.g. road boundaries or lane makings efficiently.

Our platform is crafted for your automotive use-case with state-of-the-art annotation tooling for all relevant sensor modalities so that all your data needs are supported in one place. Closely collaborate with our experienced ML and Automotive experts to craft data that ideally suits your use-case.

How to get started


Contact us

Use the web formula or email to get in contact with us and we together talk about your use-case and scope.


Upload your data

Use our powerful APIs for efficient and easy data upload. Our technical team support you with setting it up.


We align on annotation guidelines and quality

To annotate the data exactly as you desire our experts align on your annotation guideline and quality requirements.


Annotation production starts

Quality assured annotated data is delivered to you with a schedule and volume optimally crafted to reach your milestones.

Contact us to understand how we can support your specific use case