Our mission is to make safe perception possible

Think beyond the bounding box and unlock the ability to actually argue the safety of your perception system.

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We believe cars need to pass a vision test to get their drivers license

Our software makes it possible to get the right data to develop and validate your safe perception systems.
Our team helps you define your safety case and perception performance expectations.
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Safety and Performance

Leverage our perception experts to establish your safety and performance case


We help you define a solid safety case for your mobility product that can be related to perception performance

Safety is paramount when developing mobility products. We help you express safety requirements in such a way that it informs your product development process. Our experienced team of Perception Experts are available to help you outline your safety argumentation, and relate it to perception performance expectations.


We help you figure out how well your perception system needs to work for your use-case

Is it your goal to drive fast on the highway, or do you plan to navigate in a mining pit? Maybe you want to develop a logistics solution for confined areas. Every use-case comes with different perception performance expectations. We help you express your expectations so you can get the right data.

Our software platform

Get the right data to develop and validate your safe perception system


Based on your safety case and expected perception performance, we get you the data you need

It's easy to waste a lot of money when producing datasets, and even then it's not certain you get a safe and performing product. Our software platform connects safety and performance expectations to dataset quality to make sure you get the right data.

Dataset Quality Analytics

Analyse and quantify the quality of your dataset

Better data will get you better machine-learning models. In order to make informed decisions when investing in datasets, you need to be able to quantify dataset quality the same way we quantify perception system performance. Our Dataset Quality Analytics product makes it possible to quantify the quality of a dataset.

This product is used to connect safety to perception performance and is ultimately necessary to get you the right data.

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Ground-Truth Solution

Cost-efficient production of data for safe perception

Based on your safety case and expected perception performance, we provide you with the right data in the most cost-efficient way.

Our platform is specifically designed to cover all automotive-related use-cases and is able to meet the very high quality requirements that come with developing and validating safe perception systems for autonomous mobility. Buy transactions as a turn-key solution, or license our platform and use it in your internal data pipeline as you see fit.

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A team built up of experts

Our team consists of experts from leading software and automotive companies and we are here to help you successfully develop your perception-based software.

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