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To ensure a safe future through reliable data.

Annotell efficiently provides training data you can trust, for a safer future. Get in touch to learn more about our annotation platform for consistent training data and our team of annotation and machine learning experts.

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The Annotation Platform for Consistent Training Data


When developing safety-critical systems, the performance and reliability of your software are of utmost importance. As machine learning systems are programmed through their training data, the training data determines the behaviour of your product. Despite this, a major bottleneck for most machine learning teams is access to consistent data.

The hardest part of creating consistent training data is getting people to agree at scale. Solving this challenge is at the core of Annotell and why we were founded in the first place.

We enable the automotive industry to develop safe autonomous vehicles by providing our clients with accurate, precise and consistent training data. We can do this by ensuring agreement at scale.


Our offerings


Our products

  • Annotation platform for consistent training data

  • Scalable team of annotators

  • Professional services


Annotation tools

  • Bounding box

  • Lines / splines

  • Semantic segmentation

  • Video

  • Multi-camera

  • 3D point-cloud

  • Multi-sensor fusion

  • Driver perception


We help you with

  • Training data

  • Validation data

  • Quality assurance

  • Complement to internal team (capacity expansion)

  • Tool-chain and data factory integration


Are you ready to get started?

Our experienced team of annotation experts is ready to help solve your annotation needs with the Annotell platform.



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