The analytics and annotation platform used to ensure the performance of autonomous vehicle perception systems

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Product offering


Annotation tools specialized for automotive sensors

We are combining a modern data infrastructure with the safety requirements within automotive to ensure your needs are covered in relation to developing and validating AD/ADAS functions.

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Data browsing

Filtering and tracking of data has never been easier

Stay ahead of the game by knowing what data you have and what you additionally need. Viewing, sorting, and managing your data directly in the cloud platform, allows you to get an in-depth understanding of your data, enabling you to make strategic decisions about where to plan future data acquisitions that reduces cost and saves valuable time.

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Perception analytics

Full insight by quality and performance metrics at your fingertips

Use powerful and efficient analytics tooling to track and measure key performance indicators. Measure the quality of your data set and connect your sensor output directly to ground truth data to validate essential performance and safety requirements.

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Utilize our platform as an integrated part of your automotive data pipeline

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Relate safety critical perception requirements to ground truth data

See how Annotell can increase training and validation data efficiency